How Long Do Cockroaches Live? The Answer May Surprise You!

how long do cockroaches live

How Long Do Cockroaches Live? The Answer May Surprise You! by It is never nice to find a cockroach inside your house or outside. Many of us believe cockroaches to be disgusting as humans. The risks to our health and safety associated with cockroach infestations, such as allergies and asthma brought on by cockroach allergens, are well known. 

Whatever your opinion of cockroaches may be, they are unavoidable. Cockroaches, contrary to popular belief, are a fascinating and resilient pest with peculiar behavior and survival strategies. For instance, cockroaches sleep for 75% of the time. Additionally, they can withstand low temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. How Long Do Cockroaches Live? You will discover all there is to have a answer in this post. 

Quick Crash Course on Cockroaches

Before learning about How Long Do Cockroaches Live? let’s find out Quick Crash Course on Cockroaches first. Although cockroaches might be a nuisance, did you know that they can be found all over the world?

Quick Crash Course on Cockroaches
Quick Crash Course on Cockroaches

They have existed for around 350 million years, from the ancient era. Cockroaches currently resemble those that formerly inhabited the globe hundreds of millions of years ago, despite the fact that they may have had somewhat different appearances. 

The American cockroach, Oriental cockroach, and German cockroach are just a few of the more than 4,000 cockroach species that are known to invade houses as pests. German cockroaches are the most common species. The largest species are found in South America. This cockroach often measures 6 inches long and has a 1-foot wingspan. Remember that the ordinary cockroach may be anywhere between 1/2 inch and 2 feet long.

Even though they spend the most of the day sleeping, cockroaches move swiftly. They could sprint by your home at 3 mph. Cockroach babies move almost as quickly as adult bugs. Next, let’s explore How Long Do Cockroaches Live?

How Long Do Cockroaches Live?

How Long Do Cockroaches Live? The typical lifespan of a cockroach ranges from twenty to thirty weeks to five years. The amount of food and water available to them, as well as their species, have a significant impact on how long they live. 

How long do cockroaches live. Let’s examine a few distinct cockroach species’ life spans: 

  • German cockroaches live for around 200 days.
  • The lifespan of the Madagascar hissing cockroach can reach five years.
  • The lifetime of an American cockroach is one year.
  • An Oriental cockroach lives 180 days on average.
How Long Do Cockroaches Live?
How Long Do Cockroaches Live?

It’s interesting to note that roaches do, in fact, contain microorganisms that help them survive. They have microbes in their bodies that they surprisingly inherited from their parents. These bacteria consume the cockroach, providing it with the vitamins and amino acids it needs to survive.

Cockroaches are thus never genuinely concerned about what they consume. They don’t even need to hunt for foods that are high in nutrients. They are able to eat nearly anything while still getting the nourishment they need to grow.

Additionally, studies on Speckled cockroaches have discovered a connection between body size and lifetime. These results indicate that in this species, body size and aging are strongly correlated, and that bigger size is advantageous for survival. 

The Average Cockroach Life Cycle 

We can learn a lot more about cockroaches by knowing how long they live. Let’s learn more about their typical life cycle now that we know how long they can live. The three stages of the cockroach life cycle are the egg, the nymph, and the adult. 


Pheromones are used by cockroaches to attract females, and males exhibit courtship behaviors such posturing and stridulation. Within three to seven days of mating, cockroach females deposit eggs. The female cockroach produces an egg covering called an ootheca. Using her saliva, the female attaches this egg sac to a surface that is hidden away. There might be several hundred eggs, each of which is home to a cockroach larva. The cockroach eggs will be kept secure by being tucked away.

The Average Cockroach Life Cycle 
The Average Cockroach Life Cycle


The eggs hatch after about a month of gestation, during which time the larva within develops. Nymphs are the name given to these larvae. The young cockroaches will go through several more stages, growing larger and molting (losing their skin), until finally becoming the cockroach we are familiar with. Eggs grow into adults over the course of three to four months. Because of their partial metamorphosis, cockroach nymphs resemble adults only to the extent that their wings and genitalia have developed.


The cockroach will grow wings and antennae as it gets older. Additionally, it will be prepared to reproduce and mate. They will continue to reproduce, live out their lives, and give birth to more baby roaches.

Most of all, you already have a satisfactory answer to the question How Long Do Cockroaches Live? isn’t it. Hope the article How Long Do Cockroaches Live? The Answer May Surprise You! will help you understand more.

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